Electromancy is a new audio fiction fantasy adventure podcast, which follows the story of Jenna, a teenage lightning mage (or electromancer) who, after hiding her powers for years, is finally discovered and forced to attend the Royal Institute for the Study of Sorcery. There she will find allies, enemies, mysteries, monsters, and intrigue. And you thought your high school was bad.


     We’re hoping to launch this summer, and we’ll have a release date soon. Over the next few weeks we'll be revealing our cast, so check back soon.



     Electromancy takes place in the Oswerian Empire, a society that has subjugated many surrounding lands, mostly by being better at finding, training, and weaponizing it’s mages than anyone else. Anyone found to have magical powers is required to attend the Institute, then complete five years of military or civilian service to the government, depending on their specific powers.


     There are many aspects, also called natures, the most common being pyromancy (fire magic), cryomancy (ice magic) and electromancy (lightning magic). Most mages can only perform one type of magic, and have a power level rating between 1 and 12. Occasionally a mage will be found with the ability to perform two different types of magic. These rare individuals are called dual-natured, and they’re highly praised by the magecorps.


Known aspects:


Biomancy (Healing)

Cryomancy (ice magic) 

Electromancy (lightning magic) 

Faunamancy (animal magic)

Floramancy (plant magic)

Necromancy (death magic)

Photomancy (light magic) 

Psychomancy (telepathy) 

Pyromancy (fire magic) 

Sonomancy (sound magic)

Spatiomancy (teleportation) 

Temporamancy (prophecy/ time travel) 

Umbramancy (shadow magic)

Image by David Moum




Executive Producer, Writer & Director

     Nathan is a playwright and audio dramatist currently residing in Boston, MA. He studied Theater with a focus in Scenic Design and a minor in English at the College of Wooster. He is one of the co-creators of Solutions to Problems, a sci-fi sitcom about an advice show in space. He also writes plays with the Catalyze Collaborative, a science fiction play-writing group affiliated with the Central Square Theater.



Thomas Dywer is a composer from Ypsilanti, MI currently based in Boston, MA. He has previously composed music for Solutions to Problems. By day, he mostly sleeps. By night he is an overnight building manager for a homeless shelter. He enjoys putting hot sauce on literally everything.


Web Designer



Sarah Jane is a Boston native in Los Angeles managing comedians, designing websites, and wondering why she keeps getting shocked without socks on. Sarah loves the darkness and loves this podcast even more.




Jenna Donovan

Aspect- Electromancy

Power Level- ???

Grade- Sophomore


Azul Nova

Azul Nova is Canadian-Filipino and currently attending university for a sociology degree. She has been voice acting for over a year now but has been fascinated with the industry since she was a child. In their free time, they enjoy playing video games, watching YouTube, and watching cartoons and anime. They can be found on Twitter @superazulnova.

Ellie Francis

Aspect- Electromancy

Power Level- 2

Grade- Sophomore

Austin Hendricks

Austin Hendricks, poet and cat enthusiast, has only ever done art by accident. She is best known as the voice of Janet Clarke on Solutions to Problems, which she also co-produces. Her poetry has been published in Freeze Ray Magazine and can be viewed on the Slam Find YouTube channel. She was also a recurring guest on Vexed-Men, a podcast on comics.

Brynn Tessek

Aspects- Photomancy,


Power Level- 5/6

Grade- Sophomore


Leslie Gideon

Leslie Gideon is a New York based Latin-American writer and voice actor. She’s lent her voice to such notable podcasts as The Van and Great & Terrible. In her free time, she enjoys watching soccer, studying languages, and reading classic science fiction.

Devon Lancook

Aspects- Cryomancy,


Power Level- 4/ 2 (? untested)

Grade- Sophomore


Tuesday Orion Ibert

Orion Tuesday Ibert (they/them) is a passionately out non-binary and autistic creator. Half of Lavender Lemonade Collective, Orion voice acts, writes, and edits for several audio dramas. When they aren't working, Orion can be found crying over video games, cuddling their cat, or drawing. You can find out more about them and their work at www.orionibert.com.

Dean Ventrassi

Aspects- Psychomancy

Power Level- 10

Role- Dean of Students


Karim Kronfli

Karim has been a professional performer for more than 20 years, originally working as a medieval entertainer. After many years on stage he decided to try directing and now he loves directing as much as performing.


Trained at City Lit in London after first working behind the microphone at BFBS, he specializes in narration and audio drama. Now he works almost exclusively in audio and listeners may recognize as Karim as “Simon Fairchild” from The Magnus Archives, “Walter ‘Troubles’ Mix” from What’s The Frequency, and “Bruce Mercer” from A Scottish Podcast as well as dozens of other shows.

Leonard Sumner

Aspects- Sonomancy


Power Level- 6

Classes- Sonomancy, Thaumaturgy,

Early Oswerian History

Zachary Robb

Zachary Robb is still relatively new to the whole VA world. Got his start in the TTRPG (and TTRPG adjacent) podcast realm and is excited to segway into delightful, nerdy, narrative content! Be sure to set your reminders cuz you're going to want to listen to this tale as soon as it releases!


Aspects- Electromancy

Power Level- 4

Grade- Sophomore

Sena Bryer

Sena Bryer is a Kentucky born, LA-based trans gal. A voice actor and a writer by trade, she is also the director and producer of the audio drama Dreambound. When not acting or writing, she can often be found riding her bike around town, wasting time playing MMORPGs, or finding dogs that she can pet.

Lucas Burns

Aspects- Electromancy

Power Level- 9

Grade- Junior

Aubrey Poppleton

Aubrey Poppleton is a voice actor, artist, and writer. With training in theater and improv he has gone on to do everything from Audio Dramas (Electromancy and Cybernautica) to Animation and Games (The Voices in My Head)

Katya Harper

Aspects- Electromancy

Power Level- 8

Teaches- Electromancy, Physics

Kira Apple

Kira Apple (she/her) is excited to be portraying the role of Katya Harper. She is also the voice of Jack St. James on Superstition and the Narrator on The Way We Haunt Now. When she's not voice acting, Kira is writing her PhD dissertation on belonging in speculative audio fiction and working part-time at an independent feminist bookstore and an animal hospital. She loves playing video games, crocheting, and wrangling her four cats: Magrathea, Hazelnut, Ichabod Crane, and Mr. Tumnus. Follow her on Twitter @KiraAppleVA

Bruce McCray

Aspects- Faunamancy

Power Level- 6

Job- school security

Joe Kearney

Joe Kearney grew up near Seattle, and now lives in Las Vegas. With 15+ years in the casino industry, Joe has come across a wide range of “characters” that he has used for inspiration in his voice over projects. Joe can be heard in everything from independent student projects to international commercial campaigns. Find Joe on Twitter @TheDudeJoe or his website www.TheDudeJoe.com You can also hear him in the upcoming audio series “That Vampire Show."


Aspects- Pyromancy

Power Level- 9

Grade- Senior

Tal Minear

Tal is a SoCal based podcaster who cannot be stopped from making things. A Mechanical Engineer by day, they can be found working on audio fiction by night. Tal is the producer of Sidequesting, What Will Be Here?, Light Hearts, and Someone Dies In This Elevator, and is working on several upcoming projects for Parazonium Podcasts. Their voice can also be heard in audio fiction shows such as Novitero, The Path Down, Sector Ø, Transmission Folklore, Arden, and Inn Between. Tal does sound design for Seen and Not Heard, Dining In The Void, their own podcasts, and more. They occasionally write for other audio fiction shows, including The One Stars and The Ace Audio Archive.


Aspects- Pyromancy

Power Level- 7

Grade- Senior

Alex Lamoureux

Coming out of New England, Alex Lamoureux is a voice actor of four years. In his words, he is a storyteller. He believes a story should take you somewhere else. Somewhere far where you can truly get immersed into the story and make long lasting memories. The pursuit of this kind of storytelling propelled his studies at Keene State College where he currently is finishing his acting degree. And now, he is doing his part of telling this story.

Check back for more soon: New cast announcements every Monday and Wednesday!


We’ll be launching a crowd-funding campaign closer to our release, but if you’d like to donate to help us make the show, email us!



Chris Magilton

Aspects- Pyromancy

Power Level- 5

Grade- Sophomore

Chris Magilton is an Australian writer, producer and voice actor. He is the creator of sci-fi audio drama Among the Stars and Bones, where he also plays the role of Ben. You can also hear him in Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services as Hector Ivory and in Copperheart as Lt Col. Hayden. In his day job he's a high school Drama and English teacher. In his spare time he doesn't have any.